Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Review Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin - Clash of Clan Adult Version

Clash of Clans popularity as a freemium game seems to attract a lot of developers to create games that are similar. One is the Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin developed by developer Space Ape Games.

Uniquely Space Ape previously been made with the same genre game called Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars. If I may say themselves Samurai Siege is a version of "Japan" from Clash of Clans, because the theme of the samurai warrior in the land of Sakura.

Unlike Samurai Siege, Rival Kingdoms take western themes such as fantasy game franchise The Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age. Style image of Rival Kingdoms is also more realistic and mature, which I personally prefer rather than the cartoon style of Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege. Realistic images are also combined with beautiful 3D graphics and make me look cool headquarters.

Rival Kingdoms | featured

The main purpose of Rival Kingdoms just as the two games mentioned above, where you are asked to build a headquarters and strongest empire to destroy a rival-rival. For me the first time to play the kind of game Rival Kingdoms, the headquarters building is a difficult thing in the game, because you have to define the strategic positioning of your building.

Why? Because Rival Kingdoms that can be download from apkyoung.com is a MMO strategy game where you can be attacked and attacked the headquarters of another player. The aim of attacking the headquarters of another player of course to get the money that is required to strengthen the headquarters of yours.

With money, you can upgrade or construct new buildings such as tower to protect the headquarters from enemy attacks, increasing the number of troops by doing upgrade barracks, then build a gold mine as an economic resource in addition to fighting with other players.

Well this is where the fun Rival Kingdoms. The desire to make the headquarters of the strongest forces made me addicted to play it. Especially after meeting the player who built his headquarters with strategic and unique, so I find it difficult to penetrate the defenses. There is a sense of passion in me to be able to go beyond it to continue to play Rival Kingdoms.

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